Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Offsetting Thoughts

It reminds me of home,
the peregrine wind
offsetting thoughts, willing the poem
to be stuffed, broken and kind.

I was desperate to chuck that dross,
fuse it with its doubled longeur,
its mysterious double the late June cake toss,
summer sun's pierced moment could not be wronger.

But leaving that thought for later, for now,
I too remember the stunning drop from thirty stories,
how as for pregnancy the bird drew low,
with talons marked and drew tongue's histories –

How if you jump the parachute extends you,
as it made you taller, now flight ends. True,

my dentitions solid prospects looked a lot like truth,
chomping at the bit in fact, four months old
but already trampling delusion in vermouth,
lubricious teak fort where the laughies rolled

their eyeballs in that late simulation of delight
so marked in the Portuguese director's final thought
on second chance and second sight,
complex market in which things not told are bought,

things not solidified buzz loudly on my bed
so you can hang things on it and cry out
“But I don't have excess,” bubble gum she said
chewed her surprising lack or heft of clout

How if you wait a floating wasp attends you
having lost the sky's measuring, mends blue.